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Our cinnamon rolls use only the freshest of ingredients, which is why we feel confident that when your rolls arrive you’ll be able to taste the fresh from the oven ooey-gooey goodness you’ve been waiting for.

  • Imagine image


    "Imagine" made from scratch bread dough, rolled up with creamy butter, rich cinnamon and brown sugar. Baked to perfection and topped with fluffy vanilla icing. 

    Gourmet Box  of 6 Classic Rolls ($12.95 + shipping) 

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  • Go Nuts Over image

    Go Nuts Over

    Go Nuts Over the ooyest - gooeyest caramel pecan bun you'll ever taste! Our mouth watering caramel is baked into the freshest pecans as it melts over our homemade (signature) cinnamon bun.

    Gourmet Box of 6 Pecan Rolls ($14.95 + Shipping)

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  • Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Raisin Bread  image

    Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Raisin Bread

    A twist on the classic Raisin Bread Recipie, Brie's Buns' Chocolate Covered Raisin Bread is a chocolate lovers treat of choice! Ou one of a kind recipe is award winning and sure to hit the spot!

    Loaf of Bread ($9.95 + Shipping)

    *You can also purchase classic raisin bread, equally tasty!

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